How Barcando Charter works

1. Prices and payments

The prices shown on Barcando Charter are prices including VAT.

We distinguish:
Rental / rental costs: include the boat and all electronic, safety and other equipment.

Mandatory costs: also called mandatory extras, are those that the client will have to pay at the check-in base, then before leaving the moorings. They are defined at the discretion of the charter company. The Transit Log usually represents a mandatory cost, which includes a whole series of services: Final cleaning of the boat and tender, sheets and towels for pax, mooring entire week at our bases, gas cylinder, check-in and check-out service, welcome kit.

Transit log for catamarans: 600 € per booking.

Transit log for monohull: 500 € per booking.

Non-mandatory costs: they are “optional” or “extra” requested by the customer. They represent an additional item that is added to the rental / rental cost. Usually the sums relating to the extras must be paid at the check-in base:

Additional bed linen and towels for pax: 20 € and include (bottom sheet, top sheet, pillowcase, shower and face towel)
Beach towels: 15 € per person
Priority check-in, boarding at 14:00: 350 € per booking
Safety net: 100 € per booking
Transfer on demand, Airport
Wi-Fi: 50 € per week
SUP, if available: 150 € per week
Galley service: 100 € service + galley cost
Dog on board: available only on some boats and depending on the size, € 200 per week + € 100 for additional final cleaning. In case of a dog on board, the deposit will be paid in full by credit card only.

* Please don’t ask for discounts on extras because they will not be granted and are used to guarantee you the right service based on; they are also independent of the charter price charged by our company as they are exclusively dependent on the live costs supported by the local charter base.

Rates do not include: fuel, food, transport and transfer costs at the base, the costs in ports or at anchor, tourist taxes. We advise you to consult with your Barcando charter referent.

How to make payments: 

Rental / rental costs (boat cost) indicated under “price” are paid in advance with 2 installments: 50% upon booking and 50% at 30 days before departure.

If the departure date is less than 30 days, the entire amount must be paid at the time of booking, 100%.

Mandatory and non-mandatory extras, are normally paid at the check-in on spot.

Deposit is a caution to protect against damage during the cruise. The deposit is deposited upon check-in on a credit card. Unblocking is usually done at check out after checks on the boat. You can buy a bail insurance directly online.

Below are the different premiums for deposit insurance:

  1. For a security deposit of 4.000 €:
    Premium 345 € + 20 € for dinghy.
  2. For a security deposit of 3.000 €
    Premium 260 € + 20 € for dinghy.
  3. For a security deposit of 2.000 €
    Premium 175 € + 20 € for dinghy.
  4. For a security deposit of 1.000 €
    Premium 90 € + 20 € for dinghy.

Click the link for the amount you wish to insure and you can pay the insurance directly with your credit card. The insurance can be purchased up to the day before the rental.

* Deposit insurance is not valid for any damage to the toilet and its discharge.

* Based on insurance problems we are not authorized to cover American or Canadian citizens.

* By taking out deposit insurance, you are obliged to pay the deposit in any case. Following any insurance the insurance will reimburse the deposit we hold.

2. Do I need a license to rent a boat in Italy or abroad?

A boat license is always required to rent. This qualification, also required for boats, is also fundamental for insurance reasons. However, the request for authorization documents for the management of boats (Patents) varies from country to country.
For example, for rental abroad, Italian citizens with a nautical license can request a special qualification; in France, a complete nautical CV of the sailing experiences carried out must be attached to the nautical license, while in Croatia the VHF certificate is mandatory. In short, we advise you to inform yourself adequately before booking your charter.

3. What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in takes place on Saturday afternoon between 15:00 and 18:00.

The return is usually scheduled for the evening before disembarking, Friday before 6.00 pm.

Early Chek-in at 14:00 costs € 350, Check-in after 20:00 costs € 150.

The contract, even if it was signed in advance by email, must be signed again at the base. The time for signing the contracts is from 14:00 onwards. We kindly ask our customers to arrive at the office at 2:00 pm on Saturday and wait for their turn.

4. Who rents is a private shipowner or a charter company?

Barcando Charter is a charter company that operates in various bases in the world with an exclusive fleet.

5. How can I be sure that the boat will be in good condition and that it will be in port?

We strive every day to guarantee quality. The Barcando charter team follows unique and equal procedures for each base. At the end of the holiday we invite our customers to answer a questionnaire to evaluate the services we offer and we are always ready to take advice to learn more about our work. Barcando wants to guarantee an informed and transparent choice. With us you can book the boat tailored for you.

6. Are the boats insured?

All boats offered by Barcando Charter are covered by the Insurance provided for by the Law. The presence of the Insurance does not exclude the obligation for the customer of the Security Deposit.

7. What are the general sales conditions of Barcando?

Here are the Barcando Charter Terms and Conditions:

8. How to book?

If you are interested in confirming a quote, first of all it is advisable to notify your Barcando Charter contact who will place an option on the boat. The option is free and is a way to keep the quote for a few days in “stand by”. Before the option expires you can confirm the boat online or through the Barcando Charter operator. The boat is booked only with a paid deposit (by card, Paypal or bank transfer). The deposit is normally 50% of the rental price. You will be asked for the 100% balance if the rental period is imminent, or if the departure is scheduled within one month of booking.
In other cases, the balance is paid directly to the charter company usually one month before boarding. Extras, usually, are to be paid at the base according to the terms and conditions defined by the Owner.

9. With whom do I sign the Charter Contract?

The rental / lease agreement will be concluded with us.
The contract will normally be in Italian or English upon request.

10. Skipper and Hostess.

If you want to book, book a Skipper or a Hostess, visit the site:  and contact them directly.

Don’t forget, Skipper and Hostess, are part of your Crew!

11. High season short charters?

Usually the charters have a minimum duration of one week (from Saturday to Saturday). We hardly offer week-end or mid-week charters, except last-minute ones. Many Last Minutes are not advertised on the site. If you want to access promotions and offers, consult a Barcando Charter contact. Will follow you, checking dates and availability.

12. How do I reach the Marina / Base?

You can arrange a transfer by contacting a Barcando Charter person. The transfer is usually an extra cost. More information is provided upon request. Payment for the transfer takes place on site or in advance by bank transfer.

Below the information of the bases:

13. Who is my contact during the cruise?

Your local contact person will always be the base manager. He will assist you in any urgency or for the resolution of any unforeseen events during the charter. All references will be provided by the base manager at check-in. Do not contact the booking office for questions relating to the boat, contact the base manager.

14. Are there any fixed routes?

You will define the desired itinerary. If you ask for the Skipper, you can arrange the itinerary with him who knows the area and the best bays! However, if you need to be advised, do not hesitate to contact a Barcando charter referent. The itinerary is subject to change due to weather and wind conditions.

15. What happens in the event of annulment or cancellation?

If you want to cancel the charter, you must inform your Barcando charter referent as soon as possible.
Cancellation costs are variable. They are however regulated in the Charter Contract.
You can take out travel cancellation insurance privately.

16. What happens if the boat is damaged?

If, for any reason, you return with the damaged boat (sails, anchor, tops, sheets, halyards, damaged tender, damage to the interior furnishings, to the hull, to the deck, or loss of an object in the boat, or any other damage …) the entire deposit paid during check-in will be retained. N. 15 days after check-out you will be presented with our invoice (without other documentation) and refunded any difference by bank transfer. For any major damage it may take 30 days.

17. What are our office hours?

The booking office follows the following times:
From Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 18:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
For Saturday contact please contact the bases of Capo d’Orlando, Salerno or Caorle directly, whose contacts can be found at point n. 12.

18. Navigation by foreigners in Italian waters

In the ministerial decree n. 146 of 29/07/2008, relating to the Regulation implementing the Code of the nautical, article 34 states that foreigners, as well as Italians residing abroad, who are in possession of a habilitation document or a document recognized as equivalent by the foreign State to which they belong or even if they are resident only, they can command pleasure boats – or pleasure boats – according to what is written in the Nautical Code. The same applies to pleasure craft. In all these cases, in short, our Code, which enables navigation to all those who possess an equivalent license, as long as they are registered in the registers, is to be considered authentic.

Attention, however, because in the second paragraph it is specified that, for foreigners as for Italians residing abroad under the command of pleasure boats registered in foreign registers, the obligation of the nautical license is regulated according to the flag state law Unity. To make faith, therefore, is not the nationality or residence of the sailor, nor the geographical position of the boat: no, in this sense the reference is to the nationality of the boat. In other words, on a boat that flies the Belgian flag, the obligation to have or not have a boat license is governed by Belgian regulations. To further clarify the situation comes the third paragraph of the same article, which explains that for all EU citizens, and therefore for all citizens of the European Union, is disregarded when said of the previous paragraphs, as long as they can exhibit a declaration issued by the competent authorities of the respective country, in which it is stated that in the country of origin of the master – or in the country corresponding to the flag of the boat – there is no special license for the activity in question.

19. The philosophy of traveling by boat, sailing and charter.

The world of charters is relatively new in the tourist market, it has only been done professionally for 20 years. Many are used to traveling expecting a 5-star service, comparing everything to the budget used. This is a philosophy that must be set aside, as sailing holidays are very different from holidays at hotels (hotels).

In fact, the pleasure sailboat has in itself the philosophy and flavor of adventure, discovery and the unexpected. This is the right spirit with which one must set sail. We want to let you know and experience the sea, the boat. We want you to switch off from the daily routine, from the expectations and from what modern culture has created in our mind and make you immerse yourself in a timeless vacation. There are things that cannot be bought and, the boat holiday, can make you discover that the unexpected, the discovery, can be the most exciting parts of the journey. Avoid bringing home habits with you and seek adventure, waste time looking at the sea and discovering how to navigate. Don’t waste your time complaining about some details as if you were in a hotel, experience the boat as a discovery, as a means to switch off from the daily rush; the boats are perfect for being boats but not so perfect to be comparable to cars or hotel rooms.

Thanks. Barcando Charter.